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Webster Groves Citizen Satisfaction Survey

  1. How safe and secure do you feel in your neighborhood?

  2. Rate the overall performance of the Webster Groves Police Dept.

  3. Rate the overall competence of the Webster Groves Police Dept.

  4. Rate the attitude of the Webster Groves Police Dept.

  5. Have you reported an incident to the Webster Groves Police Dept. in the past 12 months?

  6. If yes, were you satisfied with the service provided by the Webster Groves Police Dept?

  7. Are you satisfied witht he services provided by the officers working in the area you live?

  8. If you have any specific concerns you would like to discuss with the police department you can contact Captain Stephen Spear at 963-5418 or email at

  9. Thank you for participating in the Webster Groves Community survey.

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