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  1. No Mow April

    This Spring, the City of Webster Groves is participating in a new initiative to support pollinators in our community. This initiative, championed by our Green Space and Sustainability Commissions, is No Mow April. During the month of April, the City of Webster Groves will support a temporary exception to the requirement that grass does not exceed ten inches. We are encouraging homeowners and community members to limit lawn mowing practices during April to provide early-season foraging resources for pollinators that emerge in the spring. The city will also limit our mowing by limiting it to areas that require it for specific recreational and sports activities.

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  3. Request a Yard Sign

    If you are interested in participating in No Mow April and you would like a yard sign for your lawn, please fill out your address below.

    Yard signs are limited and will be given out as supplies last. 

  4. No Mow Sign
  5. Yard Signs

    We are sorry, We received so many requests for yard signs that we have run out for this year. 

    Thank you for agreeing to participate in No Mow April!

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