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Parks and Recreation

  1. Aquatic Center Rental Intent Form
  2. Field Rental Intent Form

    This form is to be used to reserve the Webster Groves ball fields for the time(s) and date(s) requested. Please note that this form is... More…

  3. Meeting Rooms & Gymnasium Rental Intent Form
  4. Personal Fitness Training Inquiry Form
  5. Private Ice Skating Lessons

    Guest looking for private ice skating lessons.

  6. Tree & Bench Memorial Application

    Donating to the memorial program is a wonderful way to celebrate a special person or event. Your memorial will stand in tribute for... More…

  1. C.I.T. Application

    The C.I.T. program is a volunteer work experience designed to give youth the opportunity to work in a camp setting. It is expected of... More…

  2. Ice Rink Birthday Party Room Request Form

    Interested in hosting a skating party with us? Fill out this form and a representative will get back to you within 48 hours. Please... More…

  3. No Mow April

    Do you pledge to participate in No Mow April for the month of April in Webster Groves? Skip mowing for a month to help pollinators.

  4. Private ice rental

    Private ice rental inquiry.

  5. Safety Camp Junior Counselor

    The Junior Counselor program is a volunteer based program designed to give youth the opportunity to work in a camp setting and is a... More…

  6. Trees of Distinction Nomination Form