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Miscellaneous Forms

  1. ADA Grievance Form
  2. Closing A Webster Groves Business

    Please submit if your Webster Groves business is either closing or will no longer be operating within the city limits of Webster... More…

  3. Fix-It Form
  4. Municipal Court Date Request

    Request a new court date online.

  5. Municipal Court Insurance Cases

    Provide proof of insurance to the Court when required.

  6. Public Records Request Form
  7. Webster Groves Feedback Form
  1. Business District Facade Grant Application
  2. Event Submission Form

    Submit Events for the Community Events Calendar at

  3. Municipal Court Change of Address Form
  4. Municipal Court Guilty Plea
  5. Neighborhood Association and Subdivision Trustee Information

    Form to submit information regarding neighborhood associations and/or subdivision trustees.

  6. Renewing An Exempt Webster Groves Business

    Please submit if you need to renew your exempt Webster Groves business. Only eligible non-profit and MO Statue 71.620 exempt... More…