Where does property tax go?

Property taxes charged to Webster Groves residents are levied by various taxing entities, including the Webster Groves School District, the City of Webster Groves, St. Louis County, the State of Missouri, the Webster Groves Library, and the Metro Zoo/Museum District. For more information, view Page 6 of the Popular Annual Financial Report

The levy amount for the City of Webster Groves for the 2016 tax year was $0.758 per $100 of assessed valuation. That amount was 8.26% of the total resident’s tax bill for the year. For example, for a home valued at $245,000 in 2016, approximately $4,271 was paid in taxes. Of that total:

                        $2,629 was paid to the Webster Groves School District ($5.6485 per $100)

                        $577.64 was paid to the Special School District  ($1.2409 per $100)

                        $352.85 was paid to the City of Webster Groves ($.758 per $100)

Each of these entities have taxing authority and establish their own tax rates.

Property taxes charged by the City of Webster Groves are specifically for general government operations, street improvements, general obligation debt (for 2011 street improvement bonds), and for the police and fire pension.

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