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The MISSION of the Webster Groves Traffic Advisory Commission (TAC) is to advise the City Council to enact policies and ordinances that make all transportation options (including walking, biking, using wheelchairs, taking the bus, using golf carts, and driving cars) safe, reliable, and accessible. The TAC will do this by proactive, responsive, and collaborative methods. 

The TAC will seek guidance, best practices, and success stories from neighboring communities (and other cities) that have seen positive results with Complete Streets and Vision Zero policies to ensure the safety of all who travel throughout Webster Groves. 

Please call Captain Greg Perks at 314-963-5417 for further information.

Traffic Advisory Commission Goals 

  1. Use safety as our guiding principle and propose recommendations that are unbiased, transparent, and administered fairly. 
  2. Develop Complete Streets policies specific to Webster Groves and present them to the City Council for approval. (See Addendum #1) 
  3. Develop a written plan of the TAC process for evaluating citizen requests. 
  4. Prepare a document of uniform criteria for parking restrictions.

Proactive: The TAC will research and provide expertise on improving safety for all transportation users, especially those considered to be “vulnerable road users” (pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchair users, and transit riders more likely to face safety issues with fewer options). 

Responsive: The TAC will respond to citizen input. Our process will be based on standard methodologies (i.e., City of Webster Groves and other established criteria), emphasizing and evaluating local conditions and needs, with the ultimate goal of providing safe and effective transportation facilities for all community travelers. The TAC will ask that requests be submitted in written form, when possible, accompanied by neighbor signatures. [Wordsmithing needed with group.] The TAC will also hear from citizens during the public comment section of TAC meetings. 

Collaborative: To ensure that decisions are made at the community level (not in a silo) so that citizens and visitors can travel safely and comfortably throughout Webster Groves, the TAC will work in tandem with relevant Webster Groves commissions, boards, and city departments: the Sustainability, City Plan, Arts, Green Space Advisory, and Parks and Recreation Commissions, and the Health and Environmental Services Board; the Old Orchard Business District, Old Webster Business District, and the Crossroads Special Business District Advisory Commissions; as well as the Departments of Public Affairs & Engagement, Police, and Public Works, and the Office of the City Manager. 

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1. Anne Barenkamp
2. Carrie Falkenrath
3. Robert Fox
4. Clark Hotaling
5. Chris Redford
6. Steve Ruzycki
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8. Phillip Mitchell
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