Destination WG!


As the city embarks on this journey towards Destination WG! we invite you to take these first steps with us by completing the BalancingAct tool below. Destination WG! is a once in a lifetime opportunity to rethink they way our city lives, works and plays. We have a rare chance to revitalize our parks and public spaces and revision how we play with our friends, family and neighbors.  Staff has worked hard to bring you multiple projects that could potentially move forward. We hope to have provided something for everyone; whether that is a new pool or spray ground, enhanced walking trails, an entertainment venue, a higher level of customer service, or just better restrooms. 

BalancingAct, will allow you to weigh in on choices for your park system. Each of the listed amenities are potential items that could be added to our system, or that may already be in our park system but after 20 years need renovations.  We have provided estimated costs for each of these potential amenities. Please look at these ideas and cost and make your choices based on perceived needs as well as your comfort level on the amount of no tax increase bonding you think the City should take on.  The maximum amount bonding authority the City currently has is $22.1 million. As you make your choices your projects must be less than or equal to $22.1 million. BalancingAct will not let you submit your choices with an amount higher than $22.1 million. 

The City Council will review your choices, as well as those of your neighbors and City staff. Council will then discuss and vote on a placing a ballot issue with a not to exceed dollar amount on the April 2024 election date.  Then you the voters of Webster Groves would have the final decision on the bond issue. 

By law any ballot issue must be a single subject.  This means that this bond issue could include any Parks and Recreation related items, but could not be bundled with other potential projects such as a City Hall improvement, new police cars, or protective gear for the Fire Department. Bond funds can also only be used to build capital projects and may not be used for ongoing yearly operating expenses. If voters ultimately approve the bond issue, needed improvements and upgrades to the park system would be implemented over the next several years. 

We are excited and thankful for your interest in this journey and we can’t wait to meet you at Destination WG!