Fire Facts

A Note from Laura Arnold, Mayor of Webster Groves

Laura ArnoldOn March 7th the City Council unanimously approved a resolution that implements a compensation plan for the Fire Department. After more than a year of negotiations with Local 2665, the union representing the Fire Department, we reached an impasse. In order to implement this compensation plan, the Collective Bargaining Agreement was terminated.

The members of the City Council wished for a fully bargained agreement. However, that is not where we are. In spite of that, this compensation plan for our fire department staff is the best compensation ever adopted by this City for any employee group and allows our City and its staff to move forward with certainty about the future. 

Information about the new compensation plan is provided for you here along with information about our current staffing model, which continues to schedule four firefighters/paramedics to our fire engine and ladder truck. The plan does allow for some flexibility if two of the 12 firefighters are not available for their shifts. We remain one of only two departments in the area to assign four members to an apparatus during regular shifts. 

I hope you find this information helpful.