Strategic Planning

The City Council and Administration are engaged in a strategic planning process to develop a Strategic Plan for Webster Groves. This process has been ongoing since late 2021 and will involve community input, internal and external stakeholder input, and deliberative thought and discernment about the future plans for the City. 

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A message from Mayor Laura Arnold

"Strategic planning allows our community and city government to identify priorities, allocate resources, and make sure residents, employees and elected leaders are all aligned. It is vital that we do it and even more important that we have opportunities for public input in the process."

Strategic Planning Timeline

  • October 2021 - City Council begins Strategic Planning process
  • August 2022 - City Council Sub-committee formed to lead process
  • October 2022 - City Council holds Strategic Planning retreat; discusses City values, vision, and mission
  • November 2022 - City Council hold second Strategic Planning retreat; memorializes draft City values, vision, and mission for public input. 
  • November 2022 - City releases first community input survey on draft values, vision, mission, and strategic goals
  • December 2022 - Council reviews community input and aligns drafts and future work product to the community Input
  • December 2022 - Administration and department directors work with City Council on tactical goals arising out of strategic direction.
  • January 2023 - Draft Strategic Plan released for further community input.
  • February/March 2023 - Community input evaluated and final Strategic Plan developed and enacted.

This timeline is subject to revision by the City Council as needed.

Draft Mission, Vision, and Values

Draft Vision

Webster Groves strives to be welcoming and a collaborative regional leader with a diverse community and connected neighborhoods where people and businesses thrive.  

Draft Mission

Webster Groves provides residents, businesses, organizations, and visitors with excellent, fiscally sound, and responsive services to enrich and strengthen the community in which we live, work, and celebrate.

Draft Values


Webster Groves values People.   We respect all individuals and the groups they form – families, schools, churches, neighborhoods, businesses, and other formal and informal organizations. We recognize the variety of priorities, resources, needs, and interests across the people of Webster and aspire to honor and be mindful of those differences as we make decisions together.

Excellence in Service

Webster Groves values Excellence in Service. We are committed to excellence in service for all through good stewardship of our assets, investment in employees, data-informed decisions, and organizational adaptability.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Webster Groves values Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We seek to create a community-wide culture in which we appreciate differences; provide equitable access to services, facilities, opportunities, housing, and employment; promote an environment of respect and dignity; and strive to be a place where all residents, employees, businesses, organizations, and visitors are valued, respected and supported. 


Webster Groves values Creativity. Our heritage is rooted in creativity, and creativity is a cornerstone of our present and future. We embrace originality of thought and expression in all its forms, viewing and solving complex problems with imagination and innovation, fostering cultural dialogue, and promoting physical and emotional well-being. We value the many creative practitioners and learners who bring vitality to the lives of Webster Groves residents every day.


Webster Groves values Sustainability.  We endeavor to balance our human, economic, and natural resources in order to fulfill the needs of the present community and ensure abundance for future generations.


Webster Groves values Leadership. Throughout our city, leadership is a process of ongoing positive influence, maximizing the mutual efforts and goals of the community and region. Leaders foster forward movement, rooted in trust and transparency.