Green Our City

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The Webster Grove’s Green Space Commission believes in the POWER OF TREES to transform our City. Mature trees increase property values, calm traffic, improve air quality, reduce storm water runoff, and provide beauty for generations. With your help we can grow a healthy urban forest, by planting the RIGHT TREE in the RIGHT PLACE with the RIGHT CARE.

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to have a beautiful tree planted in the parkway or right-of-way at your home. If you volunteer, we ask you to help foster the tree for two years. We’ll teach you to care for the tree and provide you the tools to do so. Once the tree is established, the City will take over long term maintenance of the tree.

If you’d like to volunteer to GREEN OUR CITY there are a few easy steps to follow:

STEP 1 - Apply for a free tree using the form below.

STEP 2 - Attend an hour-long tree care demonstration. Demonstrations will provide all the information you need to care for a young tree. You’ll have multiple opportunities to attend a demonstration. Demonstrations will be scheduled this summer. Dates are to be determined.

STEP 3 - Help plant the new tree. Volunteers would love to have your help on planting day. (If you are not able to help us plant, we only ask that you are at home to supervise.) Trees will be planted on a Saturday in the fall. All the materials needed for a successful planting will be provided. The exact planting day is to be determined.

STEP 4 - Care for the tree until it’s established. Care includes 1) removing debris, grass, and other plants from the planting area, 2) watering the tree, and 3) monitoring the health of the tree.