Green Our City

The Webster Grove’s Green Space Commission believes in the POWER OF TREES to transform our City. Mature trees increase property values, calm traffic, improve air quality, reduce stormwater runoff, and provide beauty for generations. With your help, we can grow a healthy urban forest, by planting the RIGHT TREE in the RIGHT PLACE with the RIGHT CARE.

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to have a tree planted in the public right-of-way at your home. If you volunteer, we ask that you help plant the tree and foster the tree for two years. We’ll teach you to care for the tree and provide you with the tools to do so. Once the tree is established, the City will take over the long-term maintenance of the tree.

Initiative Information & Requirements

Please review the information below before you volunteer to be a Tree Steward.

  • What is the public right-of-way?  The public right-of-way refers to property owned by the city. The property is generally in line with the “road” and wider than the road. Typically, the road right-of-way (ROW) is 50 to 100 feet wide but that may vary. A boundary survey for a residence typically identifies the right-of-way.  
  • Once planted, is the tree mine, or the City’s? Because the tree will be in the public right-of-way, it will be the City’s tree.  You will care for it, for two years, then the City will take on the responsibility of care.
  • What type of tree will be planted? The Green Space Advisory Commission will work with city staff and a certified arborist to select an appropriate tree species for the conditions of the right-of-way at your residence. The tree will be a Missouri native, deciduous, tree species. Native trees are better adapted to our climate and resist more pests than non-native trees. They also provide more ecological benefits for our wildlife community. 
  • How big will the tree be when it is planted? The trees will be in a 15-gallon container. The trunk will measure approximately 1” in diameter (when measuring 4’ off the ground). We don’t want to plant anything too small, as it could be easily damaged. And we don’t want to plant anything too big, as it will be less likely to survive after transplant.
  • What are my responsibilities before the tree is planted?  You must attend a tree care workshop in Larson Park on Saturday July 13 at 10am.  The workshop will take approximately 1 ½ hours. There you will learn about tree care and the ecological benefits that trees provide to our community.
  • What are my responsibilities after the tree is planted? A)  You will need to provide 15 gallons of water to the tree one time per week for two years.   (The only time you don’t need to water is if the ground is frozen or if we have gotten more than an inch of rain in the last seven days.)   B) You will need to mulch the tree in spring.
  • When will the planting happen? The tree and two bags of mulch will be delivered to your home, and a hole will be dug by City staff, prior to planting.   The tree will be planted on Saturday October 4, between 9am and 2pm.

Apply to be a Tree Steward!

If you want to be a Tree Steward in the Green Our City Program, and are able to attend the tree care workshop on Saturday July 13, and will be home to help plant the tree on Saturday October 4, then click on the link below:

Tree Steward Application