Common Violations


·       Improper firewood storage (12” off ground or on a paved surface)

·       Broken or uneven sidewalk slabs

·       Missing guardrails/handrails on stairs, decks

·       Peeling paint on siding, trim

·       Branches on electrical service, against house/roof

·       Debris


·       Broken window glass, missing screens

·       Missing handrails on steps over 4 risers

·       Peeling paint on walls, ceilings, trim

·       Damaged plaster or drywall

·       Fireplace tuckpointing

·       Unvented or unheated bathrooms

·       Double hung windows with broken counterweights




·       Ungrounded or reversed polarity outlets

·       Extension cord wiring

·       Undersized electric panels (60 amp w/6+ circuits)

·       Improper wiring-multiple circuits through joist holes: unsecured wiring


·       Improper (plastic) water supply lines

·       Leaking sink traps, stacks, or laterals

·       Missing/deteriorated grout around tubs

·       Unvented fixtures

·       Inadequate water pressure



·       Gas appliance without dedicated shut-off valve within 6 feet on same floor

·       Furnace & water heater vents missing 3 screws/joint


·       Missing or inoperable smoke detectors

·       Attached garages lacking adequate fire-rated walls, ceilings, and doors