Fence Permits


A fence permit is required for all new and replacement fences.   Requirements relating to height, design, materials, and location can be found in Section 53.195 of the City Code. Requirements relating to fencing for swimming pools are included in Chapter 24. 
  • Fence design requirements 
  • Fences within historic districts have additional submittal and review requirements. 
  • Fences must be located entirely upon the private property of the person constructing or causing the construction of the fence. Any fences proposed to connect or be located on a neighbor's property will require an additional fence permit issued to the neighboring property owner. Only one fee will be required for joint neighbor fence permits. 
  • Repairs to an existing fence do not require a permit. A repair is the replacement of a portion of a fence which is less than 25% of its total linear distance, or 300 sq. ft. of fence surface, whichever is less. 
  • Repairs must be made in the same material, at the same height, and same location as the original fence. 
  • Fences must be at least 12 inches from a public sidewalk or street. 
  • Issuance of a permit should not be construed as certifying that property boundaries, fence locations, or easements are correct.
An application for a fence permit must include the following:
  1. Completed fence permit application
  3. One copy of a boundary survey (a real property report does not constitute a boundary survey) showing the location of all property lines, structures, and the location and dimensions of the existing and proposed fencing.
  4. Description of the fence materials, height, and type (e.g. sketch, brochure, photo, etc.)
  5. $40 fee

Application forms, required materials, and fees must be submitted in person at the Customer Service counter in City Hall. Mailed or faxed applications are not accepted.