Housing Inspections

Housing inspections maintain the quality of housing and building stock over time by requiring violations of the Property Maintenance Code to be corrected prior to each occupancy. 

The Inspection Process  

  • Schedule by calling 314-963-5332 or filling out and signing the Residential Occupancy Inspection Form and sending it via email to bulejskid@webstergroves.org or bringing it to Webster Groves City Hall. 
  • An inspection fee of $75 is due 24 hours in advance
  • Each inspection takes 45-60 minutes. An adult must be present if there are possessions in the house.
  • A re-inspection must be scheduled by the homeowner. There is an additional $50 fee if more than one re-inspection is required.
  • Each inspection is valid for up to three months.
  • A Certificate of Compliance is issued when all violations are corrected. This certificate is valid up to three months.
  • The owner of the property is responsible for the inspection and typically assumes responsibility for the required repairs.
  • A house may be sold "as is", or a buyer may assume responsibility for some or all repairs, but the property may not be occupied until all violations are corrected.
  • A Certificate of Compliance only means that violations noted in the City's inspection have been corrected. The City does not certify the condition of any property. Buyers are urged to have an independent inspection performed.
  • The new owner or tenant must obtain an Occupancy Permit prior to moving into the building.
Common Violations

Residential Inspection Guide

Obtaining an Occupancy Permit