Yard Waste

Yard Waste Collection

Unlimited bags, bundles or cans of yard waste are collected curbside each week on the same day as trash collection. For collection, yard waste should be placed in biodegradable paper bags, owner-furnished standard plastic or metal trash cans (each weighing less than 60 pounds and not exceeding 45-gallon capability), waste provider mobile carts, or bundled. Yard waste should not extend above the top of the bags, cans, or carts. Tree limbs and similar pruning that are tied using natural fiber twine should be no longer than four (4) feet, no greater than 18 inches in diameter, and no heavier than 60 pounds. Whole Christmas trees are included in this collection.  

Mobile Carts

A 96-gallon mobile cart will be furnished to each residence at no additional charge. This cart may be used for yard waste only (green cart with black lid). Additional carts are available at a rental cost of $9.00 per quarter per cart. 

Christmas Trees

Whole Christmas trees will be collected at the curb during the months of December and January on regularly scheduled collection days. All other months, the above yard waste regulations apply.