Fire Safety for the Elderly

Understanding the Risks
Older Americans are at risk for a number of reasons:
  • They may be less able to take the quick action necessary in a fire emergency.
  • They may be on medication that affects their ability to make quick decisions.
  • Many older people live alone and when accidents happen, others may not be around to help.
What Fire Hazards Affect Older People?
  • Cooking accidents are among the leading causes of fire related injuries for older Americans. The kitchen is one of the most active and potentially dangerous rooms in the house.
  • The unsafe use of smoking materials is a leading cause of fire deaths among older Americans.
  • Heating equipment is responsible for many fires in seniors' homes. Extra caution should be used with alternate heaters such as wood stoves or electric space heaters.
  • Faulty wiring is another major cause of fires affecting the elderly. Older homes can have serious wiring problems, ranging from old appliances with bad wiring to overloaded circuits. 
Fire Safety Class for Seniors